Tuesday Truth – Week 2

Week Two in my quest to “count it all joy”. How did I do? Hmm, well I did keep the word joy at the front of my mind all last week although I’m not sure I was joyful. More like thoughtful and confused about what joy in the struggle means.

How is the Lord expecting me to live that out? What is joy in the struggle supposed to look like? Is it singing and praying all the time because that didn’t happen and probably will never this side of heaven. Is it always having a smile on my face because that didn’t happen either. 

So I’ve decided to do a word study on joy to see what the Bible means when it says we’re to be joyful in times of trial.

Joy or Chara (5479) in the Greek language is defined as delight, gladness, the joy received from you, the cause or occasion of joy.
Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words

From what I can gather from my study of the word in the bible dictionary, the commentaries, and the Bible I think joy is supposed to come because I am being grown in Christ.

The rest of the James verse talks about how trials make us steadfast. In the last few years of trial and difficulties, I can’t say I was steadfast. The Lord is growing me and I know I can get through trials better than I could before. I understand what it means to have faith even when I can’t see the outcome or even my next step but before I decided to surrender it all to him and focus on having faith I was not steadfast. I crumbled.

Now the joy comes from knowing my relationship with Jesus is growing. I’m growing closer to him so there is joy in that. Definite joy in that.

Growing in Christ is something to be joyful over. It’s nice to know that I don’t have to be joyful every moment of every day but when trials come I can focus on the fact that if I surrender the situation to the Lord I will grow in faith, be more steadfast and He will be doing a work in me that I can’t do on my own.

That makes me smile.

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Have joy my friends and write on!