Healthy Writer Week 2

WooHoo! Week Two! Okay, that’s as excited as I’m going to get. I’m happy to report that I accomplished my goal of more movement last week. Monday was kind of a bust. It was pouring rain and the cough was still hanging on, however, I accomplished it every other day of the week

I took three spin classes and from Wednesday thru Sunday and when the rain stopped, I walked 4.5-5 miles per day. Not bad, right? The new puppy, a one-year-old Husky, is making the walking a necessity. He gets crazy in his head if we don’t walk twice a day which is awesome since it forces me to get out and get moving.

I’ve also started tracking my food and exercise on my LoseIt! App on my phone. I love this app. The free version has a lot of good features. It keeps me honest and forces me to make better eating choices. If I have to write it down and see how many calories I’m eating I’ll think twice about the cookies. It’s always about the cookies.

I didn’t weigh myself last week. It was a crazy busy work week but my clothes are looser! Woot! That makes me happy. I will start weighing in this week and report back next week.

My goals this week:

◆ Keep moving
◆ Track my eating
◆ Weigh in
◆ Make some healthy snacks to keep around!

How are you doing with your healthy writer goals? I’d love to hear.